Puma Plexus Sneakers Got a Juun J. Makeover

Aspiring to become a future classic in the Puma catalog, the Plexus is inspired by a seminal model from Puma’s archive. The Mostro was a game-changer when it was first introduced in the 1990’s, and the Plexus sneaker buildes on that legacy with a new and progressive design.

The Puma Plexus launched in January in a striking “Elektro Green” color scheme, turning heads with its unique and eye-catching appearance. But that was just the begining – additional colorways were set to drop later in 2023, including the Puma Plexus x Juun J. full black colorway that dropped in April.

One of the most distinctive features of the Plexux is the use of rope laces woven through the upper of the shoe, indicating Puma’s iconic Formstrip logo. This design element gives the sneaker a rugged, outdoor-ready attitude that’s sure to appeal to adventurers and fashion-forward indivituals alike.

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The exterior of the Puma X Juun.J Plexus shoe is made of velour leather, a material with a velvet-like appearance obtained by brushing the leather on the inner side. This material is less prone to damage than suede, and it provides a soft and luxurious feel 
These sneakers are sure to make a statement and establish themselves as a future classic in the world of sneaker design.




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